Моды для tomb raider legend

  • Рейтинг: 4.7
  • - 72 голосов
Загрузка плеера
  • Опубликованно: 15.09.2017
  • Продолжительность: 00:08:00
  • Просмотров: 101
  • Категория: Legend

Комментарии (11)

Uncharted rip off

Keith Norris 16.09.2017 - 03:18

How can you play it with next gen on without lag and fps drops and me with an gtx only between and fucking fps. Do you know how to fix that, maybe?

Therantarch 16.09.2017 - 08:52

It s awesome as always, replaying tr u with your preset, thx

Rozelich Archive 16.09.2017 - 23:37

Will this work without next gen? Polish version is so bugged

Rafal8 17.09.2017 - 15:56

Do you also happen to have a fix for some levels not working on next gen? ?

Felipe Viduani 18.09.2017 - 19:14

What system do i have downloaded on? Is it on psp?

Andy V Romain 19.09.2017 - 14:03

Wow looks amazing! ! ! Good job man! ! !

Mario Croft 21.09.2017 - 11:16

How do i run this? I downloaded reshade and this preset, but it doesn t work

21.09.2017 - 22:04

Good work! I just downloaded your mod and it works perfectly! And the difference is pretty good keep doing what you re doing! I ll download the mods for tb underworld and anniversary soon

Vicouli 22.09.2017 - 22:52

You might get a good job one day if you keep at it.

Another Games 23.09.2017 - 21:24

U is the best

24.09.2017 - 18:53

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