Professional farmer 2014 коды на деньги

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Комментарии (19)

Strawberry jam? . Ah, a kindred spirit

Gurn Blanston 24.09.2017 - 07:38

Will u sow me a jumper

Morgiman Gaming 25.09.2017 - 10:48

Huddersfield it s horrible

Morgiman Gaming 26.09.2017 - 08:29

Their eating the worms that get turned up from sowing stocko

Trevor Annen 26.09.2017 - 17:37

Hey stocko! Im a farmer and normally you don t fill your seeder with small sacks of grain, you use these massive half ton bags and you lift them up with a loader then you burst the bag then it empties into the seeder. Birds do come around the drill when your seeding, plowing or cultivating because they look for the worms since you are moving the soil around.

General Ham 27.09.2017 - 05:52

Are you going to get the dlc? ? ?

Daniel Love 28.09.2017 - 04:04

Lmao sorry stocko just listening to you say how easy farming sorry but its not that easy like a computer game is lol

Paul000108 29.09.2017 - 21:06

Get a big stick and attach it to the side of the tractor. Then get your dog s favorite toy and put it at the end. I have a feeling that at the end of the day you d have a very dead dog with lots of tractor tracks covering it xp

Karl The Fragr 30.09.2017 - 21:08

Euro truck and farm sim and this, hey do it all. I will like it no matter what

Mr Foster 02.10.2017 - 01:58

Get a megaphone and shout at them

Mr Foster 03.10.2017 - 11:09

Hahahaha fire crackers

Mr Foster 04.10.2017 - 12:52

The seagulls are not stealing seed lol, they are eating worms and any under life

Mr Foster 06.10.2017 - 02:55


Robbie Ostrander 07.10.2017 - 12:21

Sowing the seeds of love

Chuck Gnades 08.10.2017 - 05:09

It drives my family nutty

Benjamin Bulcock 08.10.2017 - 16:12

Were do you work stocko? ?

Reece Duggan 09.10.2017 - 22:00

Does anyone know if this game is modable

Callum Merritt 10.10.2017 - 11:44

Hey stocko i m a big fan of yours i ve bin subscribed since you were a t k subs and also keep up the good work and don t ever stop you make smile every day i watch your videos

Callum Merritt 12.10.2017 - 05:34

First comment sorry stocko kep up the good work

Wi N 14.10.2017 - 03:04

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Professional farmer 2014 коды на деньги

Professional farmer 2014 коды на деньги

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