Код лицензии для driver genius 12 0 0 1332

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  • Опубликованно: 10.07.2017
  • Продолжительность: 00:01:11
  • Просмотров: 117
  • Категория: Коды

Комментарии (20)

Hey mike bro your the best at teaching man if you have the time do you think you could start up a d rpg tutorial?

Hunter Williams 11.07.2017 - 21:21

Could you send me your code please? My email is qudratullahamm. Com it will be helpul, thanks a lot

Akim Mufadhdhal 12.07.2017 - 22:10

This reminds me a lot of osmos, a source of inspiration for you? Or were you a source of inspiration for them? X for the record, i have no clue when osmos was released

Antigoose 14.07.2017 - 07:49

Hey i tried opening the source files in eclipse running on mac os and when i try to debug run it crashes and shows me errors. Yes i did make the res and libs folder source folders any help?

Josh Productions 14.07.2017 - 18:19

Hey mike, how does your collision in cranky rampage work

Pwnage Dracula 15.07.2017 - 12:31

Wow, just wow.

Kai Karpov 16.07.2017 - 23:16

I ve noticed that a lot of your art direction on sfx, musix, graphics seems very japanese. I love it.

Vestu 18.07.2017 - 21:43

About the libs, what do they do? I am not familiar with using libraries yet so i was curious. But i know that your game needs it to run. Btw this game is awesome

Khelsey Monique 19.07.2017 - 06:44

Can you post your code

Malufet Asiong 20.07.2017 - 19:04

Sir how to convert this game into jar

John Carlo Maniago 22.07.2017 - 13:48

Is their is a way to run this game in command prompt

John Carlo Maniago 23.07.2017 - 19:25

How to convert this game from eclipse which is the orig. Code to jdk? Hmmm thanks!

Joana Mari Vibanco 25.07.2017 - 18:26

How to run this with netbeans?

Parabalani 27.07.2017 - 10:47

I really want to make this game into a android app. I ask permission. You will get credits.

Jonathan Emanuels 28.07.2017 - 00:24

You should really consider making this an android app. I like the concept and i think it would do really well.

Shloosh 28.07.2017 - 12:04

Grrr. The only thing i dont understand about java is the pixel and graphics. Im trying to learn from other creators like this guy, but everyone has diff methods of doing stuff. Ggrr

Da Banana Boi 29.07.2017 - 15:25

I never tried lwjgl. Can t say.

Foreignguymike 31.07.2017 - 02:40

Is it hard to port a game to it?

Electro 01.08.2017 - 09:53

Hey man i just wanted to ask if i could make a game like your diamond miner game over fall break just to say i can finish something p. I wont take any credit for the idea but the code will be from my brain not your tutorials i was also wandering if i could use your art. I will but the link to your blog, youtube, etc in the game and on the video i post. Just wandering thanks for reading!

Gasquakee 03.08.2017 - 08:23

I would finish it the way it is now, then make a clone port to lwjgl. Then i d stick with lwjgl. I would use lwjgl now, but until i can get a better computer, i ll be doing games in java d.

Foreignguymike 05.08.2017 - 01:43

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