Код на танк в gta san

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Street Boys 17.06.2017 - 07:34

Is there another way to get swat tank?

Jiro Angeles 17.06.2017 - 11:51

Che bello un italiano. So che uscito gta san andreas anche per ps, per ho saputo che potrebbero mancare alcuni contenuti, me lo consiglieresti?

Absalom 19.06.2017 - 07:33


Hunter Of The Night 101 21.06.2017 - 04:45

Fuck your muaic in the ending

Hunter Of The Night 101 21.06.2017 - 14:36

Sub me and i will sub you

Game Topic 22.06.2017 - 10:32

This need a unsubscribe

Gaming Dock 23.06.2017 - 10:51


Nick Lai 24.06.2017 - 18:46

Its in a mission all have to blow it up

Bret Farris 25.06.2017 - 19:12

I think there s no mothership in gta sa w out mod

Ron Mandras 27.06.2017 - 08:55

You can get them in cloth stores to

Jarle Austdal 28.06.2017 - 02:06

For riots so they can take you down but not kill people and transport d

Sombrah 29.06.2017 - 06:07


Kiddz 30.06.2017 - 19:54

How u get those clothnes?

Tomas 1337 01.07.2017 - 02:21

Read the story! The smoke was a good guy. But when the cj left, ballas tucked ower and bribed whit large monney, he wanted to go away but than cj arrived and all things where fucked up. And at the mission end of the line. Cj had to kill him cuz he wanted to.

Armands Bramanis 02.07.2017 - 08:41

I know, i recorded this clip with a crappy useless software.

Kiddz 04.07.2017 - 02:37

Your game is laggy

Alvaro Fana 04.07.2017 - 18:57

Some cars in sa forget their paintjobs so they are plain white. All cars you can tune at loco low and wheel arch angels has the same problem.

Lidlwifi 06.07.2017 - 13:35

Yea so you killed your bro to get a fucking mothership and a fucking swat car you could have just used a cheat fucking bitch

Bradley Phill 07.07.2017 - 12:24

Im going to put the pink traffic cheat and see if the swat tank will turn pink

Edgar Martinez 08.07.2017 - 08:29

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Код на танк в gta san

Код на танк в gta san

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